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better kids

Maximize your
child’s potential

Growing to the fullest

Start from the appreciation of their DNA uniqueness

  • Simple self-collected, non-invasive check swap

  • Available raw data of 300,000+ genetic variants for future reference

  • Various reports to enhance neurodevelopment

    • Neuroplasticity and Cognitive functions

    • Emotion, stress, and anxiety trends

    • Diet and micronutrient patterns

    • Food intolerance and sensitivity tendency

    • Sleep and relaxation

    • Exercise and training

    • Inflammatory and Oxidative stress

    • Susceptibility to environmental toxins and prescribed medications

Get guiding principles to reinforce brain development

from your DNA

better kids

A simple self-collected, non-invasive cheek swap DNA test that discloses the insight of neurodevelopment.

  • Neuroplasticity and cognitive functions

How to support the adaptative processes of developing brain and maximize cognitive evolvement.

  • Anxiety, stress, and emotion

The unique pattern of stress, anxiety, and emotional responses and how to tend for the best outputs.

  • Diet and micronutrients

An individual inclination for specific dietary pattern and micronutrient insufficiency.

  • Food intolerance and sensitivity

Likelihood of tolerance and sensitivity to gluten, casein, nut/beans, and others.

  • Sleep and relaxation

The tendency for disrupted sleep, narcolepsy, and uptight feeling

  • Inflammatory and Oxidative stress

Immune responses, anti-inflammatory regulation, and antioxidant potentials.

  • Susceptibility to environmental toxins and prescribed medications

Vulnerability to specific environmental toxicants and common medications

  • Exercise and training

Effective types of exercise and training with augmented strength and cardiovascular gains


All-inclusive  27,990 THB

The test kit will be mailed to your postal address upon the confirmation of your registration.

4-6 weeks turnaround period to be expected before the release of neurodevelopmental reports

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You are ordering the DNA test with Neurodevelopmental Reports

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