Torsak Tip-pairote, MD, MS, IFMCP

Medical Doctor, IFMCP, Toxicologist, French Cuisine Chef, and Nutrition Researcher


I am a medical doctor and an independent researcher with graduate degrees in diet, nutrition, and environmental toxicology. I am convinced that the conventional medical approach is best at helping patients with acute conditions, while it is less effective in treating chronic illnesses. Care for chronic conditions essentially requires the understanding of the long-term underlying imbalances that lead to clinical presentations. The practice of acute care medicine commonly ignored these concepts. Using the functional medicine approach to navigate the bigdata of chronic and complex illness conditions with the guidance of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Principles, I have supervised the personalized lifestyle interventions for patients around this region since 2003.

Medical Doctor

Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Institute For Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner ( IFMCP)

Institute for functional medicine (IFM), Federal Way, WA, US

Diet and Nutrition Toxicologist

Food and Nutrition Toxicology
Master of Science (MS)
Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, Thailand

French Cuisine Chef

Diplôme de Cuisine
Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, Bangkok, Thailand

Nutrition Scientist

PhD Candidate
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Nutrition,
Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital and Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, Thailand

Surgeons During Operation


Research articles

The proteomics study of compounded HFE/TF/TfR2/HJV genetic variations in a Thai family with iron overload, chronic anemia, and motor neuron disorder.
Tippairote, T., Bjørklund, G., Peana, M. et al. J Mol Neurosci (2020).

Prevalence and Factors Associated with High Levels of Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury in Hair Samples of Well-Nourished Thai Children in Bangkok and Perimeters.
Tippairote T, Temviriyanukul P, Benjapong W, Trachootham D. Biological trace element research. 2018; doi:10.1007/s12011-018-1435-6
Hair Zinc and Severity of Symptoms Are Increased in Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder: a Hair Multi-Element Profile Study.

Tippairote T, Temviriyanukul P, Benjapong W, Trachootham D. Biological trace element research. 2017;179(2):185-94. doi: 10.1007/s12011-017-0978-2

Review articles

The continuum of disrupted metabolic tempo, mitochondrial substrate congestion, and metabolic gridlock toward the development of non-communicable diseases.

Tippairote, T., G. Bjørklund, and A. Yaovapak, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 2021. doi: 10.1080/10408398.2021.1907299

Micronutrients as immunomodulatory tools for COVID-19 management.
Amin Gasmi, Torsak Tippairote, Pavan Kumar Mujawdiya, Geir Bjorklund. Clinical Immunology. 2020; 220:108545. doi: 10.1016/j.clim.2020.108545.

Neurological Involvements of SARS-CoV2 Infection.

Gasmi, A., Tippairote, T., Mujawdiya, P.K. et al. Neurological Involvements of SARS-CoV2 Infection. Mol Neurobiol (2020).

Restoration of metabolic tempo through time-restricted eating (TRE) as the preventive measure for metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases
Torsak Tippairote, Sarah Janssen, Rodjana Chunhabundit. 2020, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. 2020:1-10. doi: 10.1080/10408398.2020.1781050

The roles of dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle interventions in adipose tissue adaptation and obesity.
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The risk management strategy for the COVID-19 pandemic
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Bjørklund G, Tippairote T, Rahaman MS, et al.
Archives of Toxicology. 2020; 94:67–75. doi:10.1007/s00204-019-02628-x

Zinc Status in Hair Samples and Common Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Tippairote T, Trachootham D.
Journal of Neurology and Neuromedicine. 2017;2(10): 12-16. doi: 10.29245/2572.942X/2017/10.1158


Book chapter
Sources of Arsenic Exposure in Well-Nourished Children.
Tippairote T, Karnpanit W, Trachootham D.
Arsenic Water Resources Contamination: Challenges and Solutions. Fares A, Singh SK, editors. Springer International Publishing; 2019. p. 73-101. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-21258-2_4

Conference Proceedings
A pilot case-control study of lead and other hazardous elements in hair samples and risk of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders in Thai children.
Tippairote T, Temviriyanukul P, Benjapong W, Trachootham D.
Thai Journal of Toxicology. 2016; special issue: proceedings of the 7th National Conference in Toxicology (NCT7).


Short Communication

Individual risk management strategy for SARS-CoV2 infection: a step toward personalized healthcare
Tippairote, T., et al., International Immunopharmacology, 2021: p. 107629. doi: 10.1016/j.intimp.2021.107629

Oral presentation
Neuromodulation through Epidural Electrical Stimulation in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Glimpse of Light at the End of the Tunnel.
Tip-pairote T., Arj-aumnuyvipat P., Kunavongkrit K.
4th Annual Singapore Rehabilitation Conference 2015(SRC 2015). Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Singapore General Hospital.

สมุทัยเวชศาสตร์: เปิดประตูสู่การรักษาการเจ็บป่วยเรื้อรังแนวใหม่ มุมมองของการรักษาการเจ็บป่วยเรื้อรัง โดยมุ่งที่เหตุแห่งทุกข์.
ทิพย์ไพโรจน์ ต. พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 2: กรุงเทพฯ; 2010: 192.

Submitted Manuscripts
The potential combination of coenzyme Q10 and other nutritional supplementations in the specific medical conditions
Amin Gasmi, Pavan Kumar Mujawdiya, Monica Daniela Doşa, Torsak Tippairote, Adrien Ongenae, Lyudmila Pivina, Salva Piscopo, Jan Aaseth8, Geir Bjørklund. 2020, under revision
High iodine status in the hair samples of the well-nourished Thai Children
Torsak Tippairote, Dunyaporn Trachootham. 2020, under review
The neurotoxicology of lead: Current researches and emerging trends
Geir Bjørklund, Torsak Tippairote, Maryam Dadar, Joško Osredkar, Igor Bondarenko, Salvatore Chirumbolo, Jan Aaseth. 2020, under revision
Metabolic Conditions and Peri-Implantitis
Asma Gasmi Benahmed, Amin Gasmi, Torsak Tippairote, Maryam Dadar, Pavan Kumar Mujawdiya, Geir Bjørklund. 2020, under revision
The Periodontitis Continuum: antecedents, triggers, and mediators.
Asma Gasmi Benahmed, Amin Gasmi, Torsak Tippairote, Sadaf Noor, Geir Bjørklund. 2020, under review