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Zinc Status in Hair Samples and Common Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Zinc status is an important modifiable factor in Attention Deficit and Hyperactive

Disorders (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the two most common

neurodevelopmental disorders.

Many studies reported low serum or plasma zinc level in children with these conditions. While hair zinc level can be obtained noninvasively in young children, the reports of the hair zinc levels in ASD and ADHD children were varied. ASD children were reported to have lower than or indifferent level of hair zinc from that of healthy children. In ADHD children, hair zinc levels were reported as either lower or higher than their healthy control groups. Many factors interplayed and affected measurement of hair zinc level.

Until more standardized method has been established, currently the zinc level in hair samples may be used as screening or supporting evidence. Other functional zinc markers such as serum zinc concentrations, dietary zinc intakes, and percentage of stunting rate, are still needed to assess the zinc status in susceptible children.

Tippairote T, D. T: Zinc Status in Hair Samples and Common Neurodevelopmental Disorders. . J Neurol Neuromed (2017) 2017, 2(10):12-16.

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