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Ditching Ultra-Processed Foods for Better Health

Breaking the Cycle: Ditching Ultra-Processed Foods for Better Health

In recent years, the global growth in the prevalence of noncommunicable diseases has coincided with an increase in Ultra-Processed Foods (UPF) consumption. These foods are hyper-palatable, convenient, and ready to eat, making them a popular choice for many. However, research has shown that the non-nutritive components present in UPF and their effect on gut health can be detrimental to our health. UPF consumption can promote low-grade inflammation and ultimately lead to chronic disease development through various mechanisms.

Cumulative evidence highlights the essence of avoiding excessive consumption of UPF. Let's prioritize whole, unprocessed foods to promote good health and prevent chronic diseases.

Tristan Asensi, M., et al., Low-Grade Inflammation and Ultra-Processed Foods Consumption: A Review. Nutrients, 2023. 15(6): p. 1546.

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