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Food during COVID19?

Our recent article in Clinical Immunology Journal discussed the dietary and nutritional interventions that support healthy immune responses to the SARS-CoV2. Macro- and micronutrients from diet support the composition and diversification of intestinal microbiota, which influence the airway microbiota and the innate and adaptive immunity through the pathogen-microbiota-host responses. Fermented foods and the avoidance of immunoreactive foods are discussed. Choices of dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle interventions influence and potentially prevent the clinical course toward severe COVID-19.

Gasmi, A., Tippairote, T., Mujawdiya, P. K., Peana, M., Menzel, A., Dadar, M., . . . Bjørklund, G. (2021). The microbiota-mediated dietary and nutritional interventions for COVID-19. Clinical Immunology, 108725. doi:

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