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Individual risk management strategy for the COVID-19

Working with international collaborators, we have published an article on individual risk management strategies to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-II infection and moderate the severity of COVID-19. Important factors include diet, nutrition, age, gender, health, lifestyle, and environment. The article publishes in the journal Clinical Immunology (Elsevier; IF 3.548).

• A significant amount of the world's population will contract COVID-19 infection. • Individual risk assessment and management strategies are crucial. • Metabolic status determines the clinical severity of COVID-19, from asymptomatic to death. • Important factors include diet, nutrition, age, sex, health, lifestyle, and environment

A. Gasmi, S. Noor, T. Tippairote, M. Dadar, A. Menzel, G. Bjørklund, Clinical Immunology, (2020) 108409.

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