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Metabolic tempo and time-restricted eating (TRE)

The characteristics of healthy bioenergetics are the overall balance of energy intake and expenditure, the alternate switching for different metabolic fuels, and the temporal rhythm of eating and fasting. These three bioenergetic attributes, herein, are termed as the metabolic tempo. The emerging time-restricted eating (TRE) regimen includes the restoration of diurnal eating and fasting rhythms, improve the metabolic flexibility, while spontaneously reduces the food intake despite the ad-libitum eating. TRE thus simultaneously improves all three bioenergetic-tempo attributes when compared to the energy balance control in general obesity control. We reviewed fifteen human studies of TRE and TRE-liked interventions from 2007 to 2019. These studies reported promising beneficial metabolic effects on body weight, glycemic, and lipid controls while demonstrating most of the fasting-related metabolic and epigenetic responses in overweight and obese individuals.

Tippairote T, Janssen S, Chunhabundit R (2020) Restoration of metabolic tempo through time-restricted eating (TRE) as the preventive measure for metabolic diseases. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition:1-10. doi:10.1080/10408398.2020.1781050

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