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Micronutrients as immunomodulatory tools for COVID-19

A group of micronutrients plays a dominant role in immunomodulation. The deficiency of most nutrients increases the individual susceptibility to virus infection with a tendency for severe clinical presentation. Despite a shred of evidence, the supplementation of a single nutrient is not promising in the general population. Individuals at high-risk for specific nutrient deficiencies likely benefit from supplementation. The individual dietary and nutritional status assessments are critical for determining the comprehensive actions in COVID-19.

Gasmi, A., Tippairote, T., Mujawdiya, P. K., Peana, M., Menzel, A., Dadar, M., . . . Bjørklund, G. (2020). Micronutrients as immunomodulatory tools for COVID-19 management. Clinical Immunology, 108545. doi:

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