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Muscle Mass is Key for Long-term Health!

Maintaining muscle mass is crucial for health. Regular exercise not only builds strength but also sustains muscle fiber turnover through key molecular mechanisms. These include enhanced myokine secretion and improved mitochondrial bioenergetics, both vital for efficient muscle regeneration.

In compromised hosts, such as individuals with diabetes, these processes can be severely impacted. Diabetes is associated with muscle fiber atrophy, altered myokine secretion, and impaired mitochondrial structure and function. Additionally, diabetes often leads to a chronic state of inflammation, which further hinders muscle repair and regeneration. The disease creates an unfavorable environment for muscle health, characterized by excessive fibrosis, delayed myofiber maturation, and reduced capillarization, negatively affecting oxygen transport and muscle utilization.

Let's prioritize our muscle health to mitigate these effects and support long-term well-being!

Espino-Gonzalez, E., et al., Impaired skeletal muscle regeneration in diabetes: From cellular and molecular mechanisms to novel treatments. Cell Metabolism, 2024. 36(6): p. 1204-1236.

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