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Rethinking 'Bad' Cholesterol: LDL-C and Asthma Mortality

A recent study has revealed that higher levels of LDL-C, commonly known as "bad cholesterol," are associated with lower all-cause mortality in asthmatic patients. This research, involving 3,233 individuals with asthma (average age 46, 57% female), challenges the conventional belief that LDL-C is detrimental to health. Asthmatics with elevated LDL-C levels showed significantly better survival rates.

Key Findings:

  • Each unit increase in LDL-C levels reduces the probability of death by 17% in asthmatic individuals.

  • Higher LDL-C levels correlated with better overall survival in asthmatics.

  • No independent associations were found between triglyceride, total cholesterol, or HDL-C levels and mortality in asthmatic patients.

These findings highlight the need for a nuanced approach to managing cholesterol levels, especially in individuals with asthma.

Wen, J., et al., Association between serum lipid and all-cause mortality in asthmatic populations: a cohort study. Lipids in Health and Disease, 2024. 23(1): p. 189.

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