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What is your diet?

Caloric restriction (CR) has been known for nearly a century to extend life span and delay age-associated pathology in laboratory animals. More recently, alternative “antiaging” diet modalities have been described that provide new mechanistic insights and potential clinical applications. Despite the mainstream popularization of some of these diets, many questions remain about their efficacy outside of a laboratory setting. Studies of these interventions support at least partially overlapping mechanisms of action and provide insights into what appear to be highly conserved mechanisms of biological aging.

Common fictions about anti-aging diets

FICTION 1: CR always “works”.

FICTION 2: CR extends lifespan only by preventing cancer.

FICTION 3: Individual macronutrients are “good” or “bad” for aging.

FICTION 4: Anti-aging diets are known to slow aging in people.

Lee, M.B.; Hill, C.M.; Bitto, A.; Kaeberlein, M. Antiaging diets: Separating fact from fiction. Science 2021, 374, eabe7365, doi:10.1126/science.abe7365.

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