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Comprehensive Microbiota Profile


An advanced stool DNA-PCR analysis of gut microbiota that identifies and characterizes the abundance and diversity of more than 45 targeted analytes, across six Phyla, that peer-reviewed research has shown to contribute to dysbiosis and other chronic disease states. 


Explore three areas of Your Gut Microbiome

1) Abundance

2) Diversification

3) Dysbiosis


Abundancy and Diversification:

The abundance and diversity of gastrointestinal bacteria provide an indication of gastrointestinal health, and gut microbial imbalances can contribute to dysbiosis and other chronic disease states. The web chart illustrates the degree to which an individual's microbiome profile deviates from normobiosis.



The Dysbiosis Index is a calculation with scores from 1 to 5 based on the overall bacterial abundance and profile within the patient's sample as compared to a reference population. Values above 2 indicate a microbiota profile that differs from the defined normobiotic reference population (i.e., dysbiosis). The higher the DI above 2, the more the sample is considered to deviate from normobiosis.




Gut Microbiome 360°

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