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Initial Consultation Session (60 mins) & Screening Laboratory Testing

No illness happens in isolation


Take a new look at the connections of your body’s systems, symptoms, and risk factors and see the story that tell about why you got sick and how to get better. Connect the dots between all reorganized information and understand how diverse symptoms might be linked, as well as which systems (not just which organs) need the most support first.


Forms & Questionnaires

Before the day of initial consultation, please provide medical information through Online Forms& Questionnaires with additional information either in the electronic forms or papers


Metabolic Assessment

NEM/FM workup includes the necessary laboratory testing to screen for the status of macro- and micronutrients, immunological responses, intestinal barrier integrity, environmental toxin exposure, principal hormonal balances, and reductive-oxidative status. The general screening information is derived mostly from conventional laboratory testing. The same testing may suggest obscure details with the different approach of doctors; thus, all positive and negative test results are required.


Complete Blood Count

Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

Inflammatory markers

Thyroid Panel with antibodies

Food antibody IgG Panel

Iron Profile



Total 25-Hydroxy vitamin D

Gamma Glutamyl-transferase


Glycated Hemoglobin

Lipid Profile


One-Step Package

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