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Collaborate with our support team, led by Dr. Torsak Tip-pairote, the dietary and nutritional toxicologist, nutrition scientist, Asia's First Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP), and the only one IFMCP in Thailand.

Understand your recovery path under the guidance of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine principles and the approach of Functional Medicine.

          Personalized therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) are the ultimate goals of chronic illness management. Healing passion provides you with the overview picture, tools, guidance, and the supports to whom that need to succeed in getting back control over your illness fates.

              Take a look around and explore the various services we offer, including the principles of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, and the approach of Functional Medicine.


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No illness happen in isolation

Understand the underlying pattern that led you to chronic health issues by inclusively analyzing the big data of your personal illness history through our forms and questionnaires.


Another essential information is the objective evidence from the necessary laboratory testing to screen for the current status of individual macro- and micro-nutrients, immunological responses, intestinal barrier integrity, environmental toxin exposure, principal hormonal balances, and reductive-oxidative status. 

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Our Services

Changing The Way We Do Medicine, And The Medicine We Do.

Reversing Chronic Illness Processes under the guidance of the  Nutritional and Environmental Medicine  principles through the lens of  Functional Medicine Approach

The key success factors for the sustainable recovery paths are the understanding of your underlying patterns, comprising the genes-lifestyle-environment interactions, that led to chronic illness manifestations. Analyzing your big data of symptoms, health, lifestyle, and biomarkers, are the crucial steps.

Biomarker Testing

Convenient ways to get your biomarker  testings with our support team

Purchase the testings online and do the sample collection at our facility. If needed, our mobile team can also help at your places (for Bangkok area only).

Step 1: Check the laboratory testing or the packages

Step 2: Choose the Home Service option if needed

Step 3: Provide your information and address

Step 4: Get your testing done at our  facility or at your places

Step 5: All results will be delivered  to your email

Step 6: Get your data analyzed with our supports

Individual Consultation

Understand the underlying Patterns

Establishing the Lifestyle Modification Plan through the changes of diet, nutrition, and environment, based on your individual data.

Step 1: Provide your data, comprising health history, symptoms, progression, lifestyle, previous testing, and other relevant information through the Health record and  questionnaire on these links.

Health record for Adult



Health record for Children




Medical symptoms questionnaire 


Step 2: Allow us to assess your information  and provide the initial suggestions. You can then proceed to the consultation in next step. In some cases, additional information or testing may be required before such arrangement.

Step 3: Set an appointment for your Consultation


The Genetic Makeup and Personalized Plan
to Eat according to your genes.


Get to Know Us

MD, MS, IFMCP, PhD Candidate

Since his graduation from Chiang-Mai University Medical School in 1989, Dr. Torsak pursued his continuing learning journeys until the accreditation as a first U.S. Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioner (IFMCP) in Asia. He had a master’s degree in diet and nutrition toxicology and currently goes after the active clinical research project under the program of Doctor of Philosophy in Human Nutrition.


Our Works

Get the  information on our updated Published Studies, Case presentation, and Activities on our

Personalized Lifestyle Modification (PLM) Group and Healing Passion Medical Center Page

The Path to Success

Enhance Your Healing Processes

Your body always does its best for what mother nature had designed it for. It's your responsibility to help to regain your healthy tolerance for daily incoming internal and external challenges. Never blame it only on your genes. Your genetics load the gun, but it was your lifestyle and environmental exposure that pulled the trigger and left you in a state of chronic illnesses.

The foods that you ate, the cigarette that you smoked, your daily work stress, chronically disrupted sleep, etc., these were all accountable for your current disease progression.

Get to know your unique overview picture which addressing all these contributing factors, this specific map will be your personal compass that leads you to get off those vicious cycle.

In this video, Dr. Torsak and our team provided a brief overview of Functional Medicine Practice in Thailand

Dr. Torsak and IFM

During his presentation of the functional medicine concept, Dr. Torsak provided s details of the Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM) and himself.

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Singapore Lifestyle & Integrative Medicine (SLiM) facilitates the practice of functional and nutritional medicine. The Invitation Series is to introduce invited guests to learn about integrative medicine and emerging health approaches. This event is held regularly in Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur
Singapore Lifestyle & Integrative Medicine Invitation Series
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Introducing SLiM Invitation Series Singapore Lifestyle & Integrative Medicine (SLiM) facilitates the practice of functional and nutritional medicine. The Invitation Series is to introduce invited guests to learn about integrative medicine and emerging health approaches.

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