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Take Back Control Over Your illnesses


Get expert guidance on your health and wellness journey with Dr. Torsak Tippairote a leading dietary and nutritional toxicologist and nutrition scientist.


As Asia's first Institute for Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP), Dr. Tippairote and our dedicated support team will collaborate with you to create personalized treatment plans based on Nutritional and Environmental Medicine principles and Functional Medicine. approach.

Achieve optimal recovery and optimal health with our guidance.

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Personalized therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) are the ultimate goal of chronic illness management. Healing passion provides you with the overview picture, tools, guidance, and support to whom that need to succeed in getting back control over your illness fates.


Look around and explore the various services we offer, including the principles of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, and the approach of Functional Medicine.

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Changing The Way We Do Medicine,
And The Medicine We do

Connect The Dots

One size does not fit all. Single treatment could not do all the magic. Therefore, the overall picture of health is essential. Chronic illnesses commonly occur in the human body that struggles with ongoing short-term survival responses leading to the depleted host nutrient reserve and metabolic triage, which compromises long-term health issues, including muscle mass build-up, brain function, energy perception, and reproductive health.

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No illness happens in isolation

Understand the underlying pattern that led you to chronic health issues by inclusively analyzing the big data of your personal illness history through our data-gathering processes.

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Individual Consultation

Doctor and Patient

On-site or online

60 minutes following data gathering processes

30 minuted follow-up discussion of  biomarker results and synthesis of therapeutic lifestyle modification plan

Metabolic Assessment


One session

Assessing the biomarkers of macro- and micro- nutrients, immunological responses, intestinal barrier integrity, environmental toxin exposure, principal hormonal balances, and reductive-oxidative status.

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Micro-nutrient Repletion


One session


A customized-intervention session to replenish key macro- or micro-nutrients, either by intravenous, intramuscular, or oral replacement. The plan is formulated by individual information, gathering from previous steps.


Online access to the achieves of dietary guides, menu, exercise, environmental control, sleep management, and other tips for lifestyle modification

All inclusive at 999 USD


Check whether your information meets the minimal requirement of metabolic assessment.

Let's Assessing

  • The support for long-term health, i.e. the daily growth and repairing process of bone marrow, liver cells, and intestinal barrier

  • The bioenergetic support for short-term survival responses in immune, muscle, heart, and brain cells

  • How much reserve do you have for integrated stress responses (ISR) through hormonal, neurochemical, and nutrient supports

  • Any unresolved defending host-environment interactions that persistently taxing on your metabolic reserve

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Get to Know Us

MD, MS, IFMCP, PhD Candidate

Since his graduation from Chiang-Mai University Medical School in 1989, Dr. Torsak pursued his continuing learning journeys until the accreditation as a first U.S. Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioner (IFMCP) in Asia. He had a master’s degree in diet and nutrition toxicology and currently goes after the active clinical research project under the program of Doctor of Philosophy in Human Nutrition.