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Advancements in aging science are illuminating the mechanisms of aging !

With the aging population growing rapidly, biogerontologists and geriatricians must collaborate closely over the next few decades. Together, they can bridge gaps between research and clinical practice, focusing on real-life aging phenotypes to make meaningful strides in personalized care.

Key points to remember:

  • Aging isn't a disease, but it increases susceptibility to diseases and frailty.

  • Frailty is complex and modifiable, representing accelerated aging.

  • Biological and chronological age can differ significantly, yet decisions often rely on chronological age.

  • Understanding aging trajectories requires deep phenotyping beyond just biomarkers, considering physical, psychosocial, functional, and lifestyle factors.

Let’s push for a future where aging research translates into better quality of life and well-being for all!


Polidori, M.C., Aging hallmarks, biomarkers, and clocks for personalized medicine: (re)positioning the limelight. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 2024. 215: p. 48-55.

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