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Retaining high lean mass and reducing fat mass could protect you from frailty

Body mass index (BMI) may not be an optimal predictor of frailty. Greater adiposity (% Body Fat) among women and abdominal obesity (Waist to Hip Ratio - WHR) among men may predispose to higher levels of frailty from late midlife into old age. Greater lean mass alone may also be protective of frailty, but not in the presence of high-fat mass.

Haapanen, M.J.; Mikkola, T.M.; Kortelainen, L.; Jylhävä, J.; Wasenius, N.S.; Kajantie, E.; Eriksson, J.G.; von Bonsdorff, M.B. Body composition in late midlife as a predictor of accelerated age-associated deficit accumulation from late midlife into old age: a longitudinal birth cohort study. The Journals of Gerontology: Series A 2022, doi:10.1093/gerona/glac233.

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