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Beyond LDL: The Role of Metabolism and Immunity in Atherosclerosis

A recent study highlights the crucial role of metabolism and immune responses in atherosclerosis, challenging the traditional focus on lipids and LDL.

Key Findings:

  • Immune cell metabolic reprogramming orchestrates inflammatory processes within arterial walls.

  • Metabolic pathways such as glycolysis and TCA cycle are pivotal in regulating immune responses.

  • Metabolites significantly influence atherosclerosis, making them promising therapeutic targets.


  • Macrophages and T cells undergo dynamic metabolic changes, impacting plaque progression and stability.

  • The interplay between metabolism and immunity opens new avenues for preventive and therapeutic strategies.

Rethinking Atherosclerosis:

  • Beyond lipids: Understanding metabolic control of immune responses is key to tackling this chronic inflammatory disease.


Certo, M., M. Rahimzadeh, and C. Mauro, Immunometabolism in atherosclerosis: a new understanding of an old disease. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 2024.


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